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One of the most powerful and versatile cameras available is the OM SYSTEM OM-1. Wildlife and birding photographers rely on it because of the practically unheard-of powers it offers. The OM SYSTEM OM-1 employs computational photography to do this, which entails a significant amount of in-camera processing to carry out complicated photographs. The processor within suggests that it also has another trick. What if I told you that you may never again miss a shot?
First, let’s discuss what Pro Capture Mode is. It essentially assures that you don’t miss the shot with OM SYSTEM cameras. There is a proverb that states, “The moment is gone when you see it in your viewfinder.” However, while you’re utilizing Pro Capture mode, the camera will automatically capture a certain amount of frames. Then, until you completely depress the shutter, it will continuously spew them. The camera will continue to capture the scene in front of you while you depress the shutter. The instant before you completely pressed the shutter and the instant before you let go will have been captured by the camera when you let go. This function is excellent for candid photography, wildlife, birdwatching, and
This may be a huge assistance if you’ve felt too sluggish to press the shutter and respond to what’s in front of you. The OM SYSTEM OM-1’s excellent CPU and multiple card slots enable the camera to easily record to two cards. The camera’s ability to dependably and constantly write to the card as required without taxing the CPU is even more crucial.


Here’s how to utilize the Pro Capture Mode on the OM SYSTEM OM-1:

Set the camera to detect subjects such as moving objects, animals, birds, etc. Turn off topic detection and continue taking pictures as normal while you’re shooting people.

Select Pro Capture Mode as the drive mode. There are others, but I’ve found that the conventional variant has consistently served me well.

Autofocus should be set to AF-C or AF-C with tracking. In reality, it won’t matter since the OM SYSTEM OM-1 in Pro Capture mode will already be able to accomplish that.

Simulated OVF: This guarantees the most fluid focusing performance without a possibility in the exposure being reviewed.

Disable picture review. You will move more slowly if you don’t.

extensive autofocus. I like doing this for things like birds. The camera has a little bit more to concentrate on as a result.

Set your camera to autofocus after aiming it at the target. The EVF or LCD screen performance will probably be slowed down a little. This is due to the camera’s continual buffering, shooting, and dumping of photos. Fully press the shutter when a moment presents itself that you truly want to capture. The OM SYSTEM OM-1’s Pro Capture Mode will save all of the images you took up to the time you released the shutter, along with the seconds that preceded it.
I was able to record moments using Pro Capture Mode that I never would have believed possible before:

I once caught a hockey puck striking a goalie’s face shield during a game.

I often use the bird fights on my balcony as torture tests for camera focussing. Moments were taken with the OM SYSTEM OM-1 in Pro Capture Mode that I really didn’t think I would have noticed otherwise.

I’ve been able to take pictures of birds with the OM SYSTEM OM-1 that were there for a split second before disappearing faster than you could finish reading this phrase.

The best part is that you can get the photo far more easily with this highly useful technology than you can with other, bigger sensor cameras. The OM SYSTEM OM-1 is incredibly capable of capturing every moment you choose when combined with the effective depth of focus offered by Micro Four Thirds sensors. Have fun instead if it seems too serious. Sincerely, utilizing the OM SYSTEM OM-1 is some of the most enjoyable camera use I’ve ever experienced. You get a ton of incredible tech for the low price.
In collaboration with OM SYSTEM, this article is being distributed. All of the items in this article have previously been freely and ethically assessed by us without any sponsorship. And together, we selected a few essential jewels for you.

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