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New photographers should pay attention to Make-up artist

The role of makeup artists on a photographic shoot is crucial. If the makeup is for a really specific appearance, some models may not always be able to apply it themselves. If the nuances are really crucial, makeup artists are just better at it overall. What a competent makeup artist can do vs what a model can accomplish will astound you. The choice between utilizing your phone and your costly camera makes a difference. But it also implies that you should respect such people. Here are some pointers for interacting with makeup artists.

Let me start by saying this: If you’re simply working with them, give them an idea. This is not the end-all be-all. It is a primer instead. The remainder of the production will be characterized by respect and open communication.
Do you show respect to your models? You should, however, also show respect to the other cast members. That implies that you should be polite and politely request what is feasible given the budget. Are you two working together on a shoestring budget? Just keep that in mind and consider how you would want to be treated. Makeup artists often travel with their own tools and supplies. However, there are several considerations, such as cleanliness, that must be made.

Oh, and most importantly, follow defined safety rules. I am aware of a couple settings that had to be abandoned because someone had partied excessively just before the filming. Everyone then received COVID. Be an expert. I realize asking many photographers to do that is a lot, but please try.

Say please and thank you. This one should be straightforward, but it’s not always that way on set. If you’re giving them instructions, be clear and use the word please. Here are two alternative statements to consider:
It would be nice if you could give her eyes a golden hue.

Could you please lightly apply the gold eyeshadow on her skin to mix it in?

Which is more straightforward and kind? Even your manners are unimportant to the earlier assertion. Someone must heed the idea because it is being made to them. We’ve adopted the phrase “make your model’s eyes gold” as part of our slang. Instead, you make a recommendation to do so. If this is your concept and shoot, the makeup artist wants you to take the initiative. You can always be polite while yet being forthright. Directness and assertiveness provide greater clarity to a situation on the path that has to be taken. Ambiguity just increases tension on set.

What would you interpret if someone said you had “smokey eyes”? So, go into further detail. Discuss colors. More importantly, prepare by doing research. Share your thoughts and storyboards with others. However, be sure to match it to the wardrobe as well.

I often use Behance to make mood boards. I’ll create one for the concept I want to film and another to display the attire or makeup. Beforehand, discuss them with your makeup artists and models.

In essence, what we’re saying in both this and the preceding part is that you should be explicit and let them know what you’re trying to express.

Finally, convey timing at all times. This implies that you must effectively manage your time. There are occasions when you can’t hire a studio space for the whole day. Considering that the rental is just for three hours, a makeup artist shouldn’t take too long doing makeup. Instead, it ought to be reasonable. When a shoot is over, I used to explain that one individual cannot hog the whole time. Make sure you have at least an hour and a half of scheduled time if the makeup artist needs 30 minutes to complete the look. People need to arrive early to set up, take down, and shoot.

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