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Purchasing Film Cameras All World Health Organization Blog Guides

A film camera purchase might be quite perplexing. You can’t really inquire about the megapixels, after all. Additionally, the autofocus lacks features like face and eye recognition. Film cameras provide you far more creative freedom than digital ones. They’re enjoyable! However, it makes no sense to ask yourself the same questions that others did in the 1990s and earlier in 2022. You may claim that your camera produced high-quality images, but the lenses and film were also responsible. We’re delving into the inquiries you need to be asking yourself before making a film camera purchase. And I’m sharing what I’ve learned from purchasing them for more than ten years.

Summary of Contents

Select the Best Stores (including eBay, Blue Moon Camera, and Others)
Rangefinder, SLR, or a point-and-shoot camera?
35mm, Medium Format, or Large Format?
All mechanical is your best option.
Examine the lens system, if one exists.

Pick the appropriate stores first. Don’t receive your information from a bad source if you’re wondering how to purchase a film camera. Craigslist isn’t always a reliable source. So let’s go a little more into this:

Some merchants don’t do anything to get the camera ready for resale. Some people will purchase it directly from a buyer for an absurdly cheap price, then sell it directly to you at a higher price. I wouldn’t choose one of the major players unless it was a really expensive and uncommon camera.
Even the large camera stores’ employees I know don’t purchase their old film cameras there.
Some stores even go so far as to redesign and renovate the cameras. This is done by Blue Moon Camera, our initiative partner for the Rare Camera Store!
The stores on eBay may be nice, but be sure you look at the reviews.
If you can find cameras on Etsy at a reasonable price, it might be a great place to acquire them.
Take a look at the market’s pricing. Don’t be frightened to engage in conflict. The reality is that you won’t be sitting there in your golden years regretting being combative. Make them accountable. Ask the shop you are considering why they are charging more if they are. The best stores will be open and honest with you.
You have a lot of difficult decisions to make when it comes to purchasing a film camera. One of them concerns the kind of camera. It will be easy if you point and fire. One of the tiniest and most adaptable devices is a rangefinder. If you’re looking for anything with Leica M-mount, they can also simply switch to digital. A SLR can also convert to digital, but not very well these days. In contrast to other cameras, SLRs provide you a viewfinder image that is an exact representation of what you will see.

For me, I like point-and-shoot cameras and rangefinders. Although there are inexpensive SLR film cameras, I’ve had decent enough luck with current mirrorless!


Here’s another important question! What kind of footage do you plan to capture? Although 35mm is a tiny size, the tactile sensation may be the reason you choose to purchase a film camera. If you choose 35mm, do it because it feels satisfying, the movie you desire is simpler to get in 35mm, or it’s simply enjoyable. Otherwise, stick with big or medium format. Today’s digital cameras may often do better than 35mm film. Medium format, however, has numerous advantages over digital.

THESE ARE BIG ONES! Electronics-based cameras are prone to malfunction. Some cameras combine mechanical and electrical components. Take a look at the Leica M6 or Leica CL, for instance. Although the cameras are mechanical, the meter is electronic. Your Leica M6 will essentially become a Leica M4! The fact that cameras are mechanical means that they will essentially always function. Buy with care if your camera requires a battery to operate the shutter.

Examine the lens system, if one is present.
There are certain film cameras that don’t have many lenses. As a result, they may not comply with your requests. There are several first party and third party lenses available for other cameras.

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