Five interesting things, you will enjoy trying out your new camera!

Not only are sights intended to be captured with your new camera. You get it rather than a phone so you can take use of all of its features much more. So, we’ve compiled a long list of activities you ought to attempt with your brand-new camera. Have you thought of using different exposure modes? What about an HDR mode that is less grainy? Can your phone take long exposure photos as effectively? Try a few of them out!


Your camera’s multiple exposure mode has a ton of intriguing features. It gives you the ability to use your camera for purposes more than just taking pictures of stuff. It will be layered. It may also be a pleasant task. The majority of cameras now include a multiple exposure option, with Sony and Leica cameras being the exceptions. There are several approaches to completing them. Additive, darks priority, light priority, and average are all options. Moreover, through testing, you learn how many photographs you want to use. Some systems will even provide you with an overlay so you can see what you’re doing.

Both video and timelapse modes are a lot of fun. But extended exposures have a lot of possibilities. Many photographers attempt to use the shortest exposure time possible in an effort to stop the action in front of them. But why not make the motion more pronounced? Consider using a slow shutter speed and a second curtain flash while capturing a dancer. Taking pictures on the street? Why not sit still and take a long exposure photo of folks walking by?

Go in a different direction!

While both RAW and JPEG photography are acceptable, there are situations when RAW photography is not necessary. Having the files on hand is convenient. But you may as well set it up in-camera from the start if all you’re doing is making tiny tweaks in Lightroom or Capture One. Why spend more time sitting in front of the computer when you might be shooting more? Simply beam the photographs to your phone when you’re finished.

You may utilize personalized presets with systems like Fujifilm’s. There are several fantastic ones from the staff at Fuji X Weekly.

Exposure preview and the live view setting effect are turned on by default in cameras. Get rid of it. Unbelievably, it will have a significant impact on the performance. Less light will reach the sensor in a darkened situation. It’s comparable to wearing sunglasses when going outdoors at night or entering a pub that is dark. Do you understand it? No. Your camera will focus more quickly in low light if you turn off the option. On our review tests, we saw this.

This does not imply that exposure preview is useless. It is quite helpful. However, just being able to analyze a situation and determine the exposure is often preferable.

Although it isn’t done often enough, this is really beneficial. You can photograph in some type of HDR setting using your camera. Some claim that it restricts post-production options or is inferior to editing done afterwards. However, how you expose and meter the scene might also affect it. For instance, I’ve seen that Sony sensors absolutely bring more out of the shadows whereas Fujifilm sensors render more in the highlights.

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